Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health combines the best of both traditional and alternative medicine to achieve total vitality and wellness!


For both men and women, restoring hormonal imbalances can dramatically improve your quality of life!


for treating hormone imbalances, fatigue, and disruptions in sleep, weight, and mood.


Welcome to Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health, an integrative medicine practice specializing in the treatment of hormone imbalances, fatigue, and disruptions in sleep, weight, and mood. Let us help you regain your vitality and enjoy life again!

Teresa Heisser is one of the most caring providers I know. She takes time to thoroughly understand each patient’s history and needs, and employs very skillful assessment and testing to get to the core of the issues. Her complete and integrative approach goes way beyond the traditional medical pattern!

Karin Dietrich, MNT

Nutrition Therapist, lilypondhealth


"Teresa Heisser is one of the most caring providers I know. She takes time to thoroughly understand each patient's history and needs, and employs very skillful assessment and testing to get to the core of the issues. Her complete and integrative approach goes way beyond the traditional medical pattern!"Karin Dietrich, MNT 
/ Nutrition Therapist / Lilypondhealth
"When my PCP could no longer help me through conventional treatments for my low testosterone and related adrenal problems, he referred me to hormonal replacement specialist Teresa Heisser. Within just a couple of visits and consultations with Teresa, she was able to determine that I was not responding to previous treatments due to a suspected benign pituitary gland tumor that I did not know that I had. Because of Teresa’s vast knowledge, training and experience, but more importantly to me, her heartfelt compassion for optimizing the well-being of each of her patients, I now have my tumor at a manageable state. My system is positively responding to Teresa’s treatment reccomendations to improve my physical health as well as my spiritual health. Thanks for all you do for all of us, Teresa!"G.D. / Littleton, CO.
“I have come to Judy for help with my hormones. Judy spoke about her book on hormones, and explained how the thyroid will be affected if your hormones are too low. I have felt better since seeing Judy. She cares about each and every patient she sees. When I call her she always calls back. I am very impressed on her knowledge and her living the life she helps you live. Thanks Judy for your help to better hormone health!”P.S. – Colorado
“I would like to thank Teresa and her staff for the excellent care and service provided. Teresa is willing to spend the time it takes to listen and respond to me on a very personal level. Thanks to them, my life is so much better than it was a mere six months ago. I feel like a brand new woman!”D.G., Colorado Springs
“Judy Ponsford has helped me navigate the complexities of hormone replacement therapy and bring an underactive thyroid into better balance. I appreciate her attention to the details, and her use of bio-identical therapies have resulted in me experiencing improved sleep and more energy during the day than I had in my late 20's, 30's and 40s!”A. C. – Colorado
“When I went to see Dr. Heisser I was suffering from all of the textbook symptoms of hypothyroidism. Other doctors had dismissed my bloodwork and told me I didn't have thyroid issues. Teresa took a good look at all my bloodwork and was able to see the problem. Three months later all of my symptoms are gone including my GERD! I feel great and just love that Teresa takes the time to listen and looks at the whole picture. She recommended I follow the paleo autoimmune protocol and that was made me even better. I recommend her to everyone!” Thank you! “J.G.- Colorado
“My husband and I had been working in the Middle East as volunteers for 15 years. During the last year, while in Egypt, I started getting sick: foggy head, achy body, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and then eventually insomnia. As these symptoms accumulated, I saw doctors overseas, but no one could help. Sadly, this sickness ended up causing us to return to the US. It was a difficult journey. When we returned to the U.S. I immediately began to see traditional doctors, but no one could help, though they were quick to give prescriptions for symptoms, but little changed. After a few years, I was so tired of seeing doctors and hearing them say there was nothing wrong. Though my sleep started getting a bit better by being back home, the other symptoms continued. After three years and some initial improvement after a root canal removal, a friend recommended Judy as a female medical practitioner who really listens to women. I decided to go and see her. From my very first visit with Judy, I was comfortable. She listened to me and began making suggestions about things to do, blood tests to have, etc. before the initial visit was over, I had cried and felt finally things were really going to change regarding my health and strength. Judy was able to diagnose a hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue and put me on a variety of bio-identical hormones and other more natural medicines to finally bring a balance to my system. Now nearly four years later, I can say my health has improved so much that seven months ago, my husband and I have now returned to the Middle East and back into full-time volunteer work. Thank you, Judy. I'm grateful to God for you!”T.C- Colorado/Egypt
“A dear friend of mine recommended Dr. Heisser to me, as she has been a great help to her. I was having multiple issues with hormones and fatigue. Dr. Heisser has been a true blessing for me and my health! She is an amazing doctor who truly cares about every one of her patients. She is very thorough, and explains everything so well. She is very kind and compassionate. I feel so much better since I started seeing her, and following all of her recommendations. She has placed me right on track and I can never thank her enough! She also has a very wonderful staff working with her. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”A. H.- Aurora
“Teresa Heisser, MSN, FNP-C, has truly restored my health and vitality! I have struggled with Hashimoto's disease for over eight years with devastating effects to my body and spirit. Physician after physician minimized my symptoms and brushed off my concerns. Frustrated and void of hope, I took a leap of faith and scheduled an appointment with Teresa. That appointment changed my life! I only wish I would have called sooner, this is the best that I have felt in eight years! I have energy and a sense of wellbeing that I thought was unachievable with my disease. My family has commented on my new trim figure and unmistakable glow. I have the energy to keep up with my little boys which is priceless! Teresa is a compassionate practitioner that takes the time to listen to her patients. She sits with you and listens to every concern. Her approach is comprehensive and collaborative. I also appreciated that she took the time to teach me about my disease and used an integrated approach to facilitate the healing process. Based on her insightful recommendations, I have incorporated additional modalities such as diet and supplements into my lifestyle that have added to my health and vitality. Teresa is strong in patient follow up, and was not satisfied until all of my Hashimoto's symptoms had dissipated. She tried innovative approaches until she saw results. This was a first for me, most physicians handed me the same old script for Synthroid with little to no result. I feel that for the first time, I have a partner in my healthcare. I am no longer discouraged but overjoyed with my future and the state of my health. As a nurse, I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa Heisser’s expert care! You will not be disappointed! Teresa is a miracle worker!”A.T., RN, Littleton
“Judy has been very patient in encouragement, never tiring of my questions, always "hearing" what I am saying, and then giving recommendations Judy has taken her traditional medical understanding, and her balance of natural remedies and combined them to now get me back on track. I am so very grateful for Judy! I guess you could say that in many ways, she has been an instrument in saving my life by giving hope back to me to continue doing what I have loved doing for so many years. Thank you!“T.C.- Colorado
“Teresa Heisser is one of the most compassionate healthcare providers I have come to know. Her approach to a patient’s overall well-being is remarkable! Teresa looks beyond what other providers generally offer in their treatment programs. Most importantly, she gets to know you as a person and will incorporate your treatment on a personalized level. With her engaging personality, you feel as though you are her only concern at the moment and that her only focus is how to maximize treatments to improve your whole self. Teresa’s compassion, knowledge and her personalized care exceeds anything I have ever experienced!”R.D., Littleton
“Since being under Teresa's care for 6 months, I have noticed a tremendous shift in my energy level, my overall health, and well-being! She listened to all of my concerns and addressed each and every one of them. I felt understood and that she was genuinely concerned about me and my health. I tell everyone who has similar complaints about how she has helped me!”B.C.- Colorado
“I came to Teresa Heisser, FNP-C with a long history of low energy, frequent sinus infections, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. It was her careful analysis of my blood levels that determined a need for the hormone testosterone and her recommendation of supplements that put me on a path to greater health. Over a period of six months I was able to bring my cholesterol and blood pressure down to normal levels and get off medications that I'd been taking for years. My energy levels have also returned to normal and my health has dramatically improved. Teresa Heisser's willingness to take the time to do a thorough investigation of my conditions and her recommendations have enabled me to regain a level of health that lets me pursue the things I love and enjoy. She takes the time to ask the questions and do the testing that other doctors don't have the time or interest to pursue. The difference for me has been dramatic and lasting!”D.C., Littleton