Welcome to Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health, an integrative medicine practice specializing in the treatment of hormone imbalances, fatigue, and disruptions in sleep, weight, and mood! Teresa Heisser, MSN, FNP-C founded Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health with the vision to provide competent and compassionate health care while offering comprehensive solutions to patient’s health complaints. concerns. Our practice philosophy incorporates the integrative, or functional medicine model of care, assessing the whole person to determine the underlying cause of illness, addressing both health promotion and symptom management.

At Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health, we want to be an effective alternative to the current health care system. Far too often, the question “why” is not addressed in the current paradigm of the 7 minute, prescription-driven office visit. Our nurse practitioners frequently encounter patients who have previously only received medications to manage their symptoms, but have never been told why they have their symptoms, nor received any treatment addressing the underlying cause of their symptoms. Many patients have had their symptoms completely invalidated and have been told there is “nothing wrong” with them just because their lab tests look “normal.” That’s not how we practice!

At Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health, we recognize that multiple factors are involved in determining health. We believe that most people know when something isn’t right with their body. We also believe that real life health conditions don’t always fit into the neat little box of a text-book diagnosis. Our goal is to focus on the patient’s total health and well-being, addressing the root cause of the patient’s symptoms. Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine approaches to achieve total vitality and wellness.


Our philosophy of care is simple: At Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health, we…

LISTEN  to each patient’s story. During the initial visit, generally lasting 1-1/2 hours, a thorough subjective history is taken. We discuss each patient’s past medical history as well as current complaints. We strive to validate each patient’s concerns.

LOOK  at the whole picture. At Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health we look at the whole picture of each patient’s health status. Human beings are complex. At Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Wellness, we do not just focus on one body part or system. We utilize the functional medicine model of addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health.


LEAD  the patient to the appropriate interventions necessary to achieve optimal health. We consider both traditional and alternative treatment solutions, depending on what are the best, evidence-based options for each patient.

LINK  together as partners with our patients. We provide the education, support, and resources needed to promote healthy change. We encourage our patients to take an active role in their health care.

Call Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health at 303.731.0525 to schedule your appointment and experience the difference of patient-centered care!