Rocky Mountain Comprehensive Health (RMCH) does not contract with any insurance companies or 3rd party payers, choosing instead to provide affordable Direct Pay Services to all patients, regardless of their insurance status. RMCH strives to provide cost-effective medical care with cost transparency. Our health care providers are considered out-of-network providers. Forms to submit for insurance and HSA reimbursement will be provided at the time of each visit. Depending on your insurance plan, visits are frequently reimbursable.


Initial Patient Visit (up to 90 minutes): $459

Follow-up Visit – In our office or by phone (up to 60 minutes): $229

Hair PRP

PRP treatment $595 per treatment, or 3 treatments for $1,625.

Scheduling/Cancellation Policy

Patient Email Policy

When new labs have been ordered or significant symptoms arise, then a follow-up appointment to discuss these issues in detail will be recommended. Semi-annual follow-up visits with lab work are required to continue hormone therapy management. Please call the office at 303-731-0525 for assistance selecting the appropriate visit for your situation.




Quality of Care – only you and your provider decide what is the best treatment option for you, not an abstract third party with limited information, yet full decision making authority. In addition, with a reduction in administrative requirements, the Direct Pay Provider is freed up to spend more time listening, properly diagnosing and determining root causes of patients’ symptoms leading to more successful and timely outcomes.

Lower Cost – by not coding diagnosis, seeking treatment approvals and submitting for payment reimbursements from insurance companies, a whole layer of administration and the associated cost goes away. As a result, direct pay providers can pass those savings on to their patients and offer more cost-effective healthcare.

Up Front and Transparent Pricing – insurance companies negotiate reimbursement rates and fees with each provider. The contracts vary by insurance company, provider, hospital, service, etc. Consequently, what you pay for an office visit will vary based on your providers negotiating strength and the insurance coverage you select. With direct pay, everybody pays the same whether they have great insurance or no insurance, a high deductible or low – and you will know the price of the service before you see the provider – no more ambiguous pricing.

Applied toward deductible – Because of escalating healthcare cost, most patients have a high deductible or “out of pocket” exposure to reduce their monthly insurance payment. The fact remains, most people do not even come close to meeting their deductible every year. In essence, most people are paying for their healthcare “out of pocket,” yet paying a monthly premium to do so! With direct pay, you simply pay for the visit at the time of treatment. Upon request, we will provide forms (Superbill) to submit for insurance reimbursement and/or to apply fees toward your deductible.

Freedom of Choice – with direct pay you chose how you want to manage your health, the healthcare providers you want to see and what procedures you want to do, all without worrying about what is covered or not.

Scheduling/Cancellation Policy:

The time we spend with each patient is important, and we try to schedule patients in a timely manner. We have many patients on a list waiting to be seen. Our staff strives to fill cancelled or rescheduled appointments from this list. When scheduled patients cancel less than 48 hours before their appointment, or fail to show up for their appointment, we are unable to provide the wait-listed patients an  opportunity to be seen and have their health concerns addressed. In order to provide a fair system to all our patients and providers, we will require a deposit when scheduling an appointment. The deposit fees will be as follows:

· For New patients: A $125 deposit will be charged at the time of scheduling. The deposit will be credited towards the initial visit.

· For Established patients: In lieu of a deposit, an active credit card will be secured on file. As an option, established patients may submit a $50 deposit at the time of scheduling. The deposit will be credited towards the follow-up visit.

Patient who either fail to show up or cancel their appointments with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit their deposit or be charged in full for the scheduled visit.

Patient Email Policy:

RMCH offers patients the ability to communicate via email for their convenience. Email correspondence is primarily used for sending and receiving patient documents, or for discussing simple clarifications from recent visits and management of side effects of recently prescribed therapies. Patients with complex questions requiring a detailed response or questions outside of a recent visit will be charged a $50 review fee. Patients with complex symptoms or new symptoms need to call the office and speak with one of our medical assistants to determine if a phone consult or follow-up appointment with their provider is necessary. Complex symptoms cannot adequately be addressed by email.