Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for both male and female patients who desire to thicken and regrow thinning hair and reverse hair loss.

Platelets contain multiple healing growth factors. These growth factors give instructions to your cells to repair, heal, and regenerate damaged tissue. With PRP for Hair, growth factors and stem cells from your own plasma work together to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle and stimulate dormant hair back into the growth stage, generating overall hair thickening and regrowth.

How does it Work?
Hair PRP is a safe, non-surgical treatment to thicken and regrow thinning hair through series of PRP injections. Using a FDA-approved proprietary process, the plasma and platelets are separated from your blood. Your plasma, now highly concentrated and containing growth factors, is injected into different areas of the scalp using a very small needle. The plasma’s growth factors strengthen the hair follicles, and stimulate hair growth and thickness, providing a natural method to restore healthy and thicker looking hair.

Who’s it for?
Hair PRP is for men and women experiencing thinning hair, receding hair at the hairline, crown, and/or temples, patchy hair loss, and male pattern baldness.

Growth Factors in the PRP:
1. Causes new hairs to grow.
2. Keeps hairs in the growing phase.
3. Increases the diameter of hair follicles, making hair thicker.

What are the benefits
1. Increased hair thickness
2. Increased number of hair follicles
3. Decreased hair shedding
4. Increased hair regrowth throughout the scalp
5. Enhanced confidence and self-esteem

How do I get started?
Call the office at 303-731-0525 to begin your hair regrowth program today!